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Learn SHODO online by Nohoh

Nohoh 乃鳳

Hi, I am Nohoh 乃鳳, a Japanese calligrapher, KAKEJIKU craftsman and instructor of Japanese calligraphy (SHODO). I was born and raised in Japan but I had lived in Europe for about 15 years. Now I am based in Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Through my experience in abroad I have developed the method of teaching SHODO to people who don’t have any knowledge of Japanese Language.

SHODO is so beautiful and it fascinates me everyday. Because through SHODO I can be not only creative but also relaxed. I can forget daily trivial things and forget worrying. I can be aware of this moment and aware of myself. I can get energy and beautiful ideas…

I hope that many people enjoy SHODO with me.


What is SHODO?

SHODO is a Japanese word which means "Japanese calligraphy".
It is one of the most beautiful fine arts of Japan. By using brush and ink the beauty of words/ideas is expressed. It is not only a creative and artistic, but also a mindful and meditative mental activity.

The word SHODO is often translated and described as “the way of writing”.  This is because it is written with 2 Kanji characters which are; SHO 
(to write) and DO (the path, the way, the TAO).



All of my KAKEJIKU artworks are drawn, designed and mounted by myself. But the word KAKEJIKU is still not so common outside of Japan. What is "KAKEJIKU"?

"KAKEJIKU" means a hanging scroll that is mainly hung on the wall of the tokonoma (alcove) in Japan. The KAKEJIKUs are usually artworks of calligraphy or painting. They have been drawn/painted on Japanese paper or silk, then they are mounted on a roll of fabric. They can be rolled up and put away when they are not being used.

The KAKEJIKUs have great influence upon the atmosphere of the rooms where they are hung. Usually only one KAKEJIKU is displayed in a room even you own many KAKEJIKUs. For this reason we choose an artwork that is appropriate to the season or an occasion and replace it with a different one when the seasons change or when they have guests.



Learn SHODO Online

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Japanese calligraphy Courses

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SHODO by Nohoh-Method: Troubleshooting, Tips & Exercises. How easy to keep a good condition of the brush

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