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Special Gift for Participants of Workshop

Special Gift For the participant of the Workshop in Germany!!!

Are you a follower of my Instagram and taking at least one of the Udemy course? (but except the free course: 書道LEVEL1: Mindful Japanese Calligraphy for Beginners 1-2/30). If Yes, you will get a brush for Japanese calligraphy at the Workshop in Germany.

I will bring the brush direct from Japan. The brush suits for Kaisho and Gyodho style and they are made of mixed hair of different animals. Their characteristic is good for enjoying SHODO for beginners. There will be two types of brush. You can chose one of them. Or I will chose for you after observing your technique, your wish and so on. Type A: brush hair = horse, sheep, deer. elastic. Type B: brush hair = horse, sheep, raccoon dog. medium hard.

Please let me know these things: 1. your account name of Instagram 2. your account name of Udemy 3. the copy of the register confirmation of the workshop in September

I look forward to seeing you at the Workshop 🙂


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